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Landing new clients doesn’t have to be hard, it’s all about building a system that actually works – and for local photographers, an SEO system is one of the very best approaches out there.

Let’s take your site from “photo portfolio” to “Client Generating Machine!

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SEO Coach Connor Walberg

Most approaches to local photography SEO are way over-complicated.

Even the term “SEO” sounds like something that you’d need a degree to understand. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right guidance to help you focus on only the things that matter, the big “lever-movers,” SEO for photographers can be easy to implement and to generate REAL RESULTS. Clients calling and submitting inquiries on a constant-basis type of results…

The hardest part of getting started? Knowing who to trust. Because there are so many SEOs that promise the world, but never really get you anywhere. Their strategy usually involves some form of “link building,” which I put in quotes as it’s nothing more than purchasing low-quality links that give you a minor and short-lived boost.

They also usually offer some form of free or paid “audit.” This is also in quotes because the audit they provide is an automated report produced using a $129/month tool that anyone can grab. There’s no research, no intuition, no experience, and no real guidance. Just a bunch of fluffy numbers that won’t make ANY difference in your business whatsoever, but it sure looks fancy and legit!!

REAL SEO concepts are actually simple when explained correctly and approached from the right point-of-view. And building an SEO action plan with the right strategy makes it all infinitely easier.

When done correctly, SEO turns your website into a lead generating and sales machine that keeps going and going. It multiplies your revenue and makes your business sustainable for the long run.

It works so well because people FIND you. It’s not about you selling to them or knocking on doors around the neighborhood, instead, THEY find YOU. And that means they are looking for EXACTLY what you have to offer!

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“I have been working with Connor for about 6 months now and have nothing but good things to say. He takes a very hands on approach to learn about my business to develop the right strategy for maximizing ROI. He is incredibly knowledgable and I can honestly say that I know exactly what is going on each month which is what I have struggled with in every partnership prior to working with Connor. Its no longer a mystery as to were my monthly budget goes. I would highly recommend! “

– Dom Rosacci / Superior Ink Printing

“Being a small grassroots non-profit built on kindness we did not have the budget to build a new commerce site and migrate both our outdated websites. We not only had a limited budget but very little knowledge of how to make this a successful project. Connor not only did an incredible job with building our new and efficient site, but he was patient and always welcomed our questions. I would recommend Connor for building new sites, migrating old sites, and well-rounded perspective and knowledge.”

– Madison Steiner / Hustle Kindness

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