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People are actively searching for you on Google. Let’s get your site to show up first!

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How awesome would it be if clients reached out to you?

Landing new clients can be tough! For many of us, there’s a nervous feeling of “where will my next client come from” that pops up when the credit card bills and rent are due. It can feel like a rollercoaster at times.

Running your photo business is thrilling during good times, and defeating during tough times. Good times follow tough times as we scramble to market our businesses like crazy when work slows, but there’s always a delay in the results. Then, when it picks up again, all marketing efforts are pushed aside as we work to deliver the best possible images for our clients, leading to a huge slow down in work following the good periods.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, with SEO you can make your business stable and consistent!

SEO can be simple. With just 30 minutes to an hour a week, you can turn your site into a client attracting machine.

When you rank for your area on search engines, clients find you. How awesome is that?

Clients who type in searches like “family portrait photographer in [insert your town] here” will find you, FIRST!

Searchers like this are very warm leads. Unlike social media where we interrupt the scroll (cat video, funny spouse prank, baby announcement, someone selling me something.. ugh, sweet photo of my niece), SEO draws in ready-to-hire clients.

You can be the best photographer in the world and never make a good living if you don’t have the right marketing skills. I’m here to match your SEO skills to your photo skills!



In the early 2000’s I was a professional photographer shooting extreme sports and real estate (strange combo but I had to pay the bills!)

I scrambled month after month to land a few more jobs and pay rent. It was a hard struggle but I was happy to take it on since I was combining my passions of skiing, biking, and photography, every single day.

After shooting professionally for 10 years, I decided to venture off into physical products and built a longboard skate and clothing line. I took this new business website from 1-2 visits per day, to over 200 a day and started making consistent sales. After seeing how well this worked, I opened my SEO business, Singletrack SEO, and worked with clients for the next 7 years.

Now I teach SEO marketing skills to help photographers build their organic traffic machines!

The hardest part of SEO? Knowing how to get started and what actions to take next.



Get instant access to the P.H.O.T.O. SEO course covering everything you need to start ranking (easily worth $1000+ on its own). This course features short 3-6 minute videos with actions to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.


Every month there are 2 LIVE calls – One SEO work session where you can ask questions as we all work on our SEO together at the same time. And a LIVE Training call with Q+A to make sure you’re on track and to help you make decisions about what to do, where to put things, etc…


Member access to the Simple SEO Hub community located off facebook and distraction-free! As a member, you can ask any questions and receive fast feedback through the members-only channel. This is also where you can access all call replays and future courses/guides as they’re added.


Now is the time to start landing clients online. Future you will be grateful you started! Click to get started with SEO.


“Learning more about SEO with Connor has been very easy, with action steps for each module that I can do myself. If I simply get ONE more client in the next year by better SEO, this membership has been worth it. The investment decision was a simple one to make!”

– Amanda Engel

Rae Humenick

“Connor has been instrumental in learning SEO. He is down to earth and easy to understand and work with, which is a breath of fresh air in this industry! Highly recommend!”

– Rae Humenick

“Keeping Google happy with good SEO practices is critical for my business. Connor makes the whole concept of SEO easy to understand and takes it one step further with simple practices to implement. If you’ve been looking for a course to tackle SEO, Connor is your guy!”

– Karen Bartos

“Connor explains SEO in a way that is easily understood. This membership has been helpful for me in understanding complex concepts in SEO and I have already implemented some of the simple strategies for my website. If you are looking for someone to explain SEO in a way that is easy to understand and implement, I highly recommend this group.”

– Amy Tedrow

Why a membership?

I want to actively help you. Go-at-your-own-pace courses can be great for some, but having support throughout is so much better! The emails and calls will help you stay on track + a membership is a MUCH lower price to get started. Even if you want to join just for the course, you an go through it in a month and pay roughly 40x less than the course price alone.

What if I decide it’s not for me?

We all change our minds about things. Drop out at any time – and pick back up at your previous rate if you change your mind. I’m not a fan of memberships that LOCK people in, or that push them to stay. Cancel the membership in seconds on your own.

Will my questions be answered?

Yes! I’m here to help and give you direction. There are so many aspects you could work on to improve SEO that it can sometimes be tough to decide what to do, and when. Let me help with that and make your SEO SIMPLE! You’ll be able to post questions in the community, as well as asking on calls or submitting for calls if you can’t attend.

Do I need to be Techy?

Not at all! Whether you are implementing changes yourself or have a web designer, you can take the principals and lessons learned here and succeed. Between course lessons and live calls, you’ll have all the support you need for whatever web platform you’re using. I like to stick to less tech-driven SEO, the commonsense approach works better!

Just $30/month

Get your SEO dialed and start bringing in consistent clients through search. Click to jump right in.

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