Google My Business Local SEO

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Setting up your Google Business account is absolutely critical for your site to be found in local searches. 

It’s Google’s way of first proving that a business is real and has an actual location, and putting it all on a map.  It’s also key for social verification because of reviews which proves to Google that your business is one they should recommend.

Google already has a great guide for setting up a business account.  Scroll to the bottom for links to get this process rolling and for their information.

Once you’ve setup Google My Business (GMB for short), you theoretically will show for search results immediately when people are close to your office.

Make sure you have your listing FULLY setup.  They will tell you if it’s missing information.  The more you provide, the better.

Google My Business Reviews

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However, we’ve noticed that this process can take some time.  Google doesn’t just want to show the closest and newest one right away, they want to show the business with a proven track record.

For this, you’ll need reviews.  Now, you aren’t supposed to bribe or offer “discounts” for reviews.  This skews the data and if Google finds out, could cause you to be delisted.

The best approach is to reach out to any previous customers and simply ask for them to review your company.  If they really liked your service or product, they will be happy to provide a positive review.

Stay ahead of the curve here and ask for reviews from all your satisfied customers, but even more importantly, reply immediately to any negative reviews you see.  These replies should be genuine and understanding, and if you can make them happier with your company, they will likely flip the rating!

Putting up a sign on your front desk can help grow your reviews, as can sending out personal e-mails and posting on your social networks.

Google My Business Posts

This is a newer tool in Google My Business that basically works like social media or an ad on your listing.  It won’t necessarily increase your rankings, but it can’t hurt.

If you have a sale, or a discount, this is a great place to list this.  It helps potential customers / clients become more interested in your listing by HOPEFULLY providing information they are looking for.  

Posting your best blog posts here, or most helpful guides is a natural fit for just about any business.

Business Description

This is another key area where it’s possible to help push your SEO ranks. 

Fill out your business description fully and make sure it covers your location and primary services right at the beginning.  This can help Google to better understand your business and show your site for more searches, specifically map related searches.

What else should I be doing with my Google My Business listing?

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There are a ton of settings and features in GMB that you can adjust and use.  One of our favorites is the messenger, where people can reach out to us directly through GMB with any questions or requests, having not even visited the site.  Just make sure you setup an auto-reply!

Using just the basics and gaining reviews are really the most important details.  If you are having any difficulties setting up your business listing and would like some help, feel free to reach out to us here.  We love to help!