Why Singletrack SEO?

I started Singletrack SEO after seeing several clients and friends paying outrageous amounts to so-called “SEO Experts”.

These “experts” were sourcing most of the work out to virtual assistants and “link-building” services.

Singletrack SEO was built on real results and a lot of elbow grease.

I do this to help local businesses like yours grow and realize a steady stream of qualified leads and new clients. Not just generic traffic to make your analytics light up…

My “Singletrack” focus is SEO.

Here’s just a few of the business types I’ve helped:

Fitness Gyms

Roofing Companies

Screen Printers

Venture Capital


Adventure Travel Businesses


The Singletrack Process

Every site is different. It doesn’t matter if you’re our 15th CrossFit gym, you have a unique business that needs it’s own approach.

I evaluate over 200 factors on your site from technical SEO, content analysis, call to action, link structure, and conversion rate optimization to create an in-depth plan for ranking for the terms that your customers/clients are searching for when they are ready for your goods or services.

Everything I do is documented and included in your monthly report, so you’ll know what I’m doing each month, why I’m doing it, and what’s up next. I want you to know where your money is going and why, so you never feel “taken for a ride”.

But not every company is a positive fit. First and foremost, I want to make sure that I can make a huge difference in your business, or I simply won’t take you on as a client. I also prefer to work with companies that have a budget for SEO so they aren’t stretched thin and on the brink of losing their business just to pay for my services.

Ready to get started? Send me a quick message through the contact page here: