Who am I to teach photographers, SEO?

Years ago I was a professional photographer. I shot mostly action sports and real estate (to help pay the bills!)

But after over 10 years of photography and having images published in major publications around the world and working with Getty Images, I decided to pursue my dream of starting a t-shirt company. Through that process, I learned two things:

  1. I don’t want to run a t-shirt company!
  2. SEO is hands down my favorite marketing strategy.

With this newfound knowledge I started my SEO business for clients, called “Singletrack SEO”. If you look closely here in the footer you’ll see that I run my business under the name “Singletrack Digital, LLC.”

Singletrack is the narrow dirt trail you mountain bike on… one of my favorite sports… but back to the story here.

After about 5 years of SEO for clients, I realized that I wanted to to work with people who were motivated to do their own SEO. Not do the “Done-For-You” model. And, as things often do in life, it came around full circle.

The people I wanted to help most who could best benefit from my SEO knowledge, are photographers!

So I built what you see now, and the best way to help was through a membership platform with trainings and LIVE support. Which brings us to now. I help photographers land consistent clients by teaching them SEO. And I do it all in a simple and clear way without getting overly technical.

If you’re ready to get going, grab the FREE Simple SEO Guide for Photographers I put together, here. Oh, and you’ll get an invite to join the free community for support while you’re at it!