Roofer SEO

Are you looking to grow your roofing business online through roofer SEO services?

We are an experienced, small, and adaptable SEO team based in Denver, CO specializing in helping businesses land new clients through a strong online presence. Our background includes roofing, specifically in the snow retention side, giving us a unique insight into the industry.

The Singletrack SEO strategy includes over 200 different evaluated factors that we dial in specific to every roofer’s website. Other SEOs will run a standardized system and perform the same tasks regardless of what your site really needs, our approach is far more hands on and personalized.

We will work on your roofer SEO rankings to bring you new qualified leads on a consistent basis.

SEO is commonly considered to be a “behind the scenes” process that involves some kind of magic. Clients often ask if “SEO will stop working” if they don’t use their SEO for a month. This is a myth and we are happy to work with you when it works best.

We report our tasks completed and your ranking positions every single month so you can rest assured your hard earned money is being put to good use.

How do I know if my roofing company can benefit from Singletrack SEO services?

The first step is to evaluate your site and see what can be improved, if anything. If you already have a strong site with great SEO, then we aren’t going to take you on as a client. We work with companies that will benefit greatly from our services.

What is the Singletrack SEO process?

We start with a quick FREE audit to give you some actionable tips you can use on your site right away and evaluate your needs.


Once we have worked out the details and start working together, we run a complete in-depth audit on your site and find every area that needs work.

Although it’s great to go down any list and tick off items, we know that this is not the fastest approach to truly ranking. We take our findings and start with the most effective first items, anything that will truly move the needle and push your site up to those coveted page 1 positions. These items are different for every site!

Throughout the process we look for any factors that would help a potential client hire your roofing business. Things that are missing on the site or that you could adjust to help the process along. Every one of these adjustments is aimed at increasing the conversion rate (lead acquisition) to bring in more qualified clients.

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Once the site has been overhauled and is nicely optimized, we build up an on-going strategy to keep gaining new keywords and rankings.

We also look at backlinks for your site, these are the links coming from other websites on the internet. It’s very important to have these from the right directories, and to gain them from any businesses you work with and relevant roofing related websites. These are important because they send Google to visit your site and increase your rankings.

On the backside of it all we are performing a deep technical investigation. Your site needs to be structured correctly and all the coding needs to be tightly packaged and fast to load. We have a lot of tools to help here. This helps with the experience for visitors to your site, and helps Google crawl your page faster.

Finally, we dive into other aspects of your marketing plan to build a full funnel that keeps business moving through. This can include e-mail marketing, setting up social marketing, or building content for download to grow your list of contacts.

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