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Generating real traffic and leads through Google on a national level takes an entirely different approach.  The competition volume is far greater in most industries and searching with location based modifiers won’t help deliver quality results.

To really deliver National SEO results, agencies and businesses need to work closely together to create a rich website that helps inform potential clients and customers using the best and most targeted keyword strategy, has well-optimized technical SEO, and a strong backlink structure.

National SEO Keyword Strategy

Here’s a breakdown of keyword options showing the difference between local searches and national. The main difference is that local keywords have “modifiers” or cities, counties, states, etc… attached to specify the area a business services.

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Local Keywords:

SEO in Denver

Denver SEO Agency

Colorado SEO Professionals

National Keywords:

SEO Agency


SEO Professional

As you can imagine, trying to rank for a term like “SEO” involves intense competition.  This applies to just about every industry and wouldn’t be beneficial to a local business.  If you’re a plumber based in Denver than you really only want to rank for terms in Denver. Having someone in Cleveland find your business won’t help (unless you wanted a trip to Cleveland..)

On a national scale, keywords ARE more competitive due to sheer volume.  The difference here is that you can start out with a strong long tail keyword approach.  Long tail keywords contain more specific information and deliver better leads because of this.

Here are a few examples of long tail keywords chosen for a national SEO agency that are more attainable for starting out:

SEO Page Speed Specialist

E-commerce SEO Agency

SEO case studies

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National SEO Link Strategy

It’s tough to admit this, but the internet is still a popularity contest.  Links coming from other trusted quality sites show Google that your site is trustworthy and has quality as well. Think of it list, when a good friend recommends you try a new restaurant, you’re far more interested in trying it out.

So when recommends your site through a link, Google is much more interested in checking out your site and trusts that it provides real value.

With so much more competition on a national level, solid links will prove that your site is better than other similar sites.  It’s a lot of work to build a great link strategy and takes whole company involvement, but each strong link can make a significant difference.

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Technical Optimizations

As Google or Bing finds your site through links, you want to make sure it’s able to crawl the site as smoothly as possible, and that your site performs better than most sites online.

This is where the technical work comes into SEO.  There are hundreds of factor’s here that determine if you’ll rank well in search results.  

One of our most important is page speed.  Most sites online today have very slow scores here, and chances are high that yours does too.  There are many tweaks and adjustments that can make your site load much faster on all fronts. Having a faster site enables a faster crawl and makes the user experience better.  This is a win all-around.

We use a tool that dives deep into your website’s code to find errors and issues that need to be fixed.  

Our Services

We’ve worked with clients on a national and global level and build up a custom strategy tailored to every aspect of SEO that we know to move the needle and deliver results.  

If this is something you’re interested in, please fill out the form below and we will check out your website and get back to you shortly.

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