Denver Local SEO

If your Denver area business relies on local customers or clients, improving your online Denver local SEO rankings can help consistently drive new leads through the door.

There are many factors that determine how well a website does online.  The online competition is essentially the same idea as your competitor who runs a shop down the street.  Standing out from the pack and providing the best experience is what gives a website an edge, just like it helps a physical location beat the competitors.  Denver Local SEO is the same idea, the sites that are best built and know how to market will outperform all others.

Our Denver local SEO strategy involves over 200 different factors that make a website rank and convert new customers.  Here’s a breakdown of the main areas we overhaul and constantly work to improve:

Overall Site Design and Flow – Both for visitors and crawls (AKA Google, Bing, etc..)

Having a natural flow that makes sense to your customers keeps them on the site while addressing their concerns and questions.  Websites should fully convey what the business is about, why, and most importantly, that you can trust the company.  Most people are looking for reasons NOT to buy from you.  We help make sure you aren’t giving them any!

Bad websites drive away traffic.  Bad websites with great SEO may have lots of visits, but traffic is lost.  We want people to stick around and decide that your business is the best fit for them.

Chances are you already have a website.  We will make sure the architecture, coding, etc… is up to (and exceeding) standards.

Flow is more important than just customers.  Crawl bots (spiders) like Google and Bing use are constantly analyzing sites on the web and need to be able to easily navigate yours.  We modify your site structure to make it as easy as possible for these bots to reach the key pages of your site again and again.  This drives rankings which leads to new clients!

Incoming Links

So how does Google find your website?  LINKS.  If you don’t have a single link to your site it’s tough for them to find you.  You can submit a sitemap (we do this on all sites) to let them know you exist, and it will help you be found.  But without links from other sites, the bots don’t arrive at your page.  Bots crawl the internet by jumping from link to link.  So as the bot hit’s our clients site, it might see a post they made about Singletrack SEO, and follow the “Denver Local SEO” link to find this very post.  Then it may move us up the ranks (fingers crossed!).

The more quality links the better.  Note the key word there, “Quality”.  Links from bad websites or links that are too easy to obtain generally don’t make any difference..

The links need to be authoritative, or from sites that Google has already decided it trusts and ranks well.  These weigh more heavily.  So lots of unauthoritative links would usually mean less than one link from a site like “The Wall Street Journal” or something along those lines.

Not all links count… Now here’s where it get’s even more tricky.  Many links are “nofollow”, this means Google won’t go to your site from that link as it crawls.  These don’t carry any weight and are essentially worthless for the bots (but great if they drive customers!).

We audit your link structure to see what’s missing and if there’s any bad links that should be reported to Google.

Laptop open with Denver local technical SEO plan

Technical SEO

This is the stuff we love and it may bore you…  We use several different digital audits an in-depth manual audit to find any and all issues with your site.  There can be hundreds of issues and we work to eliminate as many as possible.

One of our favorites is site speed.  We use a few different speed tests to find the issues on your site that are slowing load times.  This improves customer experience and gives you an edge over other sites that load slower.  Google’s goal is to deliver the best possible result to anyone searching.  This means it should be relevant, well built, and load quickly so they don’t have to click a different result.


Content is rarely implemented correctly.  Most people hear “Content” and assume it’s a bunch of articles about why their business is great.  They write the same things the competitors do without really planning out the process.  Our approach is researched and customer centric.  We answer the questions your customers are asking all the time.

This helps in more ways than you can imagine.  It helps convert customers since they better understand your business and keeps them from asking the same questions you hear every call.  An educated customer is always better!

Answering questions establishes trust by showing you as a true expert.  People are coming to your business because you specialize in what you do.  If you can prove that you know the most about this, that’s a real advantage that creates trust.

Google My Business Listing and Other Major Directories

This is a simple setup that’s rarely done correctly.  Making sure your site is listed the same on every source that links to you shows that the location is correct.  Google doesn’t want to show your business for local Denver searches if it shows different addresses or phone numbers on multiple sites.  They strive to give the correct answer every time and look bad if a link doesn’t work, or they send someone to the wrong place.

Social Signals

It’s important for Google to see talk about your business online. This proves that it’s relevant and people are actually talking about your company. Social signals come from an active Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn, etc… All of these help establish your site as active online.

That being said, creating all these accounts and never posting won’t really help. Pick the ones that apply to your business most and even start with just one. Your best bet is to use the social channel that your customers spend time. If it’s a fitness gym, than your customers are probably on instagram. If you run a networking type of business, most your clients would be on LinkedIn.

We Would Love to Look At Your Site

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